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Rydal Water Y6

This page is jam packed with fabulous fun links, photos, and brilliant information about the fun things going on inside our class! Our class teacher, Mr. Soulsby, thoroughly appreciates our work, and many of it is displayed around the room, to make it look nice and colourful. It is also online on our fabulous website!

Here is what people in Rydal Water class think about it;
Rhian shouted: It’s the best class I’ve ever been in!
Bradley said: We do more adventurous things in this class.
Layla explained that it’s a good class!
James thinks that Rydal Water is very fun!
Finally Lewis, our school councillor exclaimed: This class is awesome!




We have a variety of fun lessons, one of them being music! We are lucky enough to be taught to play a musical instrument with Mrs Tuffin, either flute or clarinet! We also have the opportunity to learn to play other instruments with Ella from BlueJam. We hope you have fun learning more about our class, and enjoy searching our page!

Our School Councillors are Lewis and Rachel with Layla and Rhian as Shadows. We also have a special member of the class, Otis, our Hamster!  Mrs Sewell works in our class along with Miss Baker and Mrs Todd.
Rydal Water secrets to success are; Imagine, Don’t give up, Concentrate, Try new things, Improve, Understand others, Push yourself, Work hard.

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your School Councillor or Mr Soulsby know!

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