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The Y6 Liverpool Residential (June 2015)

The City of Liverpool gave Years 5 and 6 a warm welcome on their 2 visits in June..  A fabulous time was had by all. The youth hostel was a great base and so busy with schools from other parts of Cumbria and Europe. During our stay we met children from Poland and France.  The staff commented on our fantastic manners and were very complimentary about our good behaviour.


During our stay we visited the Maritime Museum, Museum of Liverpool, the Cathedrals, (Year 6 visited St James and Year 5 the Metropolitan). We also visited the Tate Art Gallery where we discussed and analyzed some modern, very unusual pieces!


In the evenings we went on the Big Wheel, and some of us just closed our eyes! Then we walked around historical Liverpool. Our final evening was spent at the Odeon Cinema. The food and packed lunches at the hostel were just fabulous. 


On our way home we called into Anfield for a tour and museum visit. We were allowed to wear our football shirts. However we celebrated the game itself and thanked Liverpool for hosting us. What a great stay - we walked all around the city. One of the Year 5s suggested that we put scooters on the kit list next time!


A Dazzling Trip on the River Mersey

During the evening of Monday 8th June at the Albert Docks in Liverpool, Year 6 children anxiously set off on an exciting trip across the famous river Mersey on a ferry called Snowdrop!


When we left the fantastic YHA (Hostel) it was windy and cold however we were excited and intrigued upon reaching the Albert Dock, we waited patiently while passengers disembarked then excitedly but carefully clambered suddenly on to the magnificent ferry. Snowdrop set off and we felt relaxed and tranquil, it was beautiful, amazing. We sailed elegantly across the Mersey and back again.


A Year 6, Keeley said “That was an amazing journey – I was so excited to view Liverpool from the water!”

Afterwards we wearily headed back to the YHA - the more we walked, the more tired we became. We drifted calmly into our dorms ready for a fantastic experience and a warm meal.

                                                 By Elinor H Y6


Sky High on the Wheel of Liverpool

On Monday evening Year 6 children set off excited and fearless, loud and hysterical towards Liverpool’s Big wheel.  


We set off at a pace, all were excited. The more we walked the more it seemed to get bigger. Our teacher Mr Soulsby took us into our pod on the massive sparkling wheel. It set off at a slow and steady pace towards the top. The view was beautiful and elegant, peaceful and breath-taking we could see for miles.


Afterwards, we stepped off the ride to know that we had just experienced one of the most memorable moments of our lives!                        

By Keeley T Y6


The Tate Liverpool

One of Year 6’s last activities was going to The Tate (a unique and fascinating, entertaining and fun filled Art gallery).  When we got inside The Tate there were some really weird orange chairs to sit on. When we got into the exhibition our first activity was to say what we saw on a picture. Then we had the job of picking our favourite piece, next we had to take our partners to it and face them away from it so that they could not see the picture, and after we had described it they had to guess which one it was. Our final activity was to work in groups and pick an object out of a black bag (my group got Sherbert) and then you had to pick three pieces to make an imaginary exhibition with them in. Overall it was a good trip!



On the last day of our Liverpool residential Year 6 went to the unique Anfield Stadium. For some children Anfield was the best part of the trip and it was as fascinating as a book (a fascinating one at that!)


On the way to Anfield, Mrs. Greenwood was acting like a tour guide. As soon as we reached Anfield the excitement grew on the bus.  Our kind and exciting, loyal and humorous guide was called Darren, who had the job of showing us around! Did you know that they chopped off Steven Gerrard’s peg and seat so that no other footballer could sit there? After our tour had finished, we set off on our long and fun journey home that was filled with laughs and jokes!


Anfield was as exciting as winning the lottery and welcoming to fans of all teams! They were a really nice group of staff and a great stadium.

By Lewis W Y6