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Children's Welcome

‘Pupils are very proud to be members of North Lakes School’ - Ofsted 2018

It's Our School...


“We treat others how we would like to be treated!” 


North Lakes School is a great place in Penrith where 7 to 11 year old kids can enjoy lessons, have fun, make new friends and meet new teachers - and every teacher has a new way of teaching.

  • We have a modern Computing Suite, Interactive Plasma screens, great Wifi, 160 iPads and an award-winning learning platform called FROG!
  • We have a great big playing field, an astroturf pitch and an adventure trail.
  • We have lots of visitors and we enjoy learning in lots of different ways.
  • We learn together in classes about exciting things.
  • We have seven classes in school and we are happy to be part of North Lakes School.


If you want to see more why not explore the school website? 



School Council


Every class in North Lakes School chooses two children to be on the School Council. The School Council listens to the ideas of the children in school and talks to the teachers about these.


They make suggestions and give their views on how things work in school. They also have an important job to meet and greet visitors to the school.



Food & Meals


At North Lakes you can pay online for school meals such as roast dinner, pizza, meatballs, lasagne and more. You could also bring a healthy packed lunch in a named box. No fizzy drinks, crisps or chocolate, please. We eat in the school hall - each class takes turns to go first.





There is also a healthy tuck shop where you can bring up to 50p for a selection of fresh fruit like satsumas, apples and bananas.  Snack bars are available too!



Clubs  & Sports


We have all sorts of after school clubs and we have great school teams which compete in many sports like rugby, netball, cricket, football, tennis, hockey and gymnastics.


We also have a famous school choir which has been awarded a Platinum Award for excellent singing!

Golden Rules


We have some Golden Rules to follow in school that help us to learn together happily and to stay safe.


The Golden Rules are chosen each year by the children and the teachers with the help of School Council. The most important Golden Rule is:




School Uniform


Our uniform is an important part of our school and we wear it every school day.


Our uniform shows that we belong together, and when we look smart it means that we are keen to learn and do well. 





We wear: 

  • A purple sweatshirt
  • A white polo shirt
  • Grey or black trousers or leggings
  • Black shoes or plain black trainers
  • White t-shirt for PE
  • Black shorts or leggings for PE
  • A tracksuit for outdoor PE
  • Trainers for PE
  • A warm coat for playtime

Trips & Visits


Learning outdoors and out of the classroom is fun! At North Lakes School we have lots of chances to go out on trips to help our learning. We may go to museums, parks, or into the Lake District. We have been on trips to places like Hadrian’s Wall, New Lanark Mill, The Life Museum and The Sage Gateshead. There are chances every year to go to the theatre to see musicals like Mary Poppins, Wicked and Matilda.  We go out on residential stays to outdoor centres in the Lakes where we try out activities like climbing, ghyll scrambling kayaking and camping. Years 5 and 6 go to a city like Liverpool or London to help their learning and see new things.


There are lots of visitors to the school to help our learning as well. We have worked in lots of ways with artists such as painters, musicians, dancers and multi media artists. Singers and experts on history, and other subjects sometimes come into school to help us with our learning. 

The 5R's & Building Learning Power


To Build our Learning Power we think about five special animals, which teach us about the “5Rs”.


We try not to give up, like a PENGUIN, that is always RESILIENT.


We try new things like a BEE, that is a RISK TAKER.


Like a SPIDER, we try to think of our own ideas, and join up the ideas we have to be RESOURCEFUL.


We think carefully about what we have learned, like an OWL, who is REFLECTIVE.


And like an ELEPHANT, we work hard at our RELATIONSHIPS, getting on with others around us.


July 2023