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Tree Whisperers Day (May 2015)

Following the busiest week in the Year 6 calendar, Rydal Water headed outside into the nature area on a wet drizzly May day for a special Tree Whisperers day with Gareth Thomas.


In order to stay dry, four shelters were quickly erected in teams. We rapidly recalled the skills we acquired in Nunwick Woods with Gareth last year and put them into practice again!


During the morning we participated in various exciting activities: discussing the value of trees, and becoming at one with the forest, which required us to use our senses, investigating habitats and identifying species and finally measuring trees. Our senses definitely became more finely tuned as the day went on. 


After lunch came the much anticipated highlight - fire lighting! We all got to light our own individual fires, using a steel and flint. Safety was essential.  To end our camp fire session Gareth made a special treat of campfire popcorn - it popped on the open fire, cooked in 2 sieves held between hazel branches.


Our final task of the day was an important one not only for sustainability but also for developing our school grounds.  Gareth had brought along over 25 young saplings for us to plant in our school grounds. They are native species including Cherry and Mountain Ash.  Everyone had the opportunity to plant the new trees on the large mounds on our field; we carefully placed a green protective tube around each (to give them protection and act as a mini greenhouse) and attached them to stakes to give them support.


 We cannot wait to see these trees flourish and develop our school grounds as well as offering new habitats.  What a great legacy for Y6 to leave!  We would like to thank Gareth and Emma at the Tree Whisperers Project for all of their support time.