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Y6 - BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition (Spring 2015)

February saw the launch of this year’s BBC Radio 2 National Writing competition - 500 Words. Chris Evans enthusiastically advertised this popular event with many celebrities giving their endorsements and encouraging young writers to pick up their pens and get creative.


Year 6 worked hard in lesson times to compose a narrative piece set in the Amazon Rainforest. Adventure, drama, tragedy, romance, sci-fi and mystery were to name but a few of the genres covered by our young writers at North Lakes. Gripping the reader was our top priority and with titles such as, ‘Amazon Adventure’, ‘A Delicious Adventure’, ‘Magical Amazon’, ‘Lost in the Amazon’, ‘The Amazon Amulet’, ’The Amazing Amazon Goddess’ and ‘Crashed Down to Earth’, we are confident the judges will be in for a literacy treat!


With only 500 words to get all the essential ingredients in to make an exciting story the Year 6’s worked hard to include amazing adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification, prepositional phrases and some exciting sentence techniques in their pieces. All entries were submitted electronically and we now await with fingers crossed and baited breath to see if any of our efforts will capture the judges attention and go through to the next round. GOOD LUCK to all our young writers! 


You can read our 500 word stories for yourself on our 500 word display in the hall corridor, alternatively Rydal Water have uploaded their stories to Blog It - they would love to hear your comments, you could even write a continuation or suggest a different ending, characters or even up level them!