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Buttermere Class is made up of Year 3 and 4 children. Our teacher is Mrs Clark. In Buttermere class one of our class rules is to look after each other. We try to help our classmates and others around school. The Year 4's are being very helpful and looking after all of the Year 3's, making sure they follow our special Golden Rule – ‘Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves’

‘I like Buttermere because all of the other children are kind’ - Bethan
‘Our learning is a lot of fun in Buttermere ‘- Maddie
‘I've made new friends in Buttermere class’ - Freya
‘I've been making better friends with the Year 3's in Buttermere’ - Jake
‘I really like reading in Buttermere class’ - Kyle

Throughout the Autumn term we learnt all about the Egyptians. Cleopatra visited us and taught us a lot about how the Egyptians lived. We had fun making our own amulets and playing Egyptian games. 

During The Spring Term, we have been learning all about Tanzania, Food and Farming. We've had Fair Trade visitors, trips to Croft Farm, Healthy Eating Cookery with Mrs Varty and we have been developing our own businesses ready for a Fair Trade event! We've been very busy. 

In the Summer term we will be learning about Robots and electricity. We have lots of exciting learning opportunities organised! Watch this space.
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