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The Lego Man (May 13)

What a fantastic experience Y3/4 had at the Lego work shop. We went to the Play Station and had piles of fun when we made our own Lego City. First we all sat together and we were told some basic instructions. Then we got shown how to make a Lego house with electricity. Next we made our own houses and put in some lights and, when the Lego man turned off all the lights in the Playstation, most of the houses glowed; it was magical. Most pupils said they didn't even notice they were learning about science and maths! After that we were given a train and a track. We put a little engine inside the train and decorated it. Later on we built little stands under the track and put the train on the track; it whizzed around and around in the Lego city. Finally, and sadly, we had to demolish our Lego cities, but we had good memories and lots of photos to remind us all! The whole afternoon was great fun with over 100,000 pieces of Lego to play with. This is what some of our friends thought about the Lego experience:

''It was really fun when we made the houses.'' Hannah E
''I loved making the Lego city.'' B'elanna B
''We liked building the houses and the gardens, we shared ideas in our groups and picked out the best designs'' Abbie W and Kieran E 
''I really enjoyed building the city and I thought it was cool when we saw the lights shimmering in the dark'' Georgia L
''I really liked it when we all made the little cities, I hope the Lego man can come again soon!'' Kieran T

Reported by Tia J and Anya P. 

Lego Fun (May 2013)