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Zoolab (Nov 2012)

Zoo Lab came to visit Year 3/4 this term to give us real hands on learning with our Minibeast topic. We were amazed and entertained by all the creatures and were even able to hold them! 

Maddie said - I liked the snake the best because when you held it, it felt 
all silly and slippery. 

Chloe said - I liked the snake the best and I was able to touch it too.

Jack H said - I liked the cockroach best because it was hard and I got to hold it!
Picture 1 Land Snail
Picture 2 Cockroach
Picture 3 Cockroach 2
Picture 4 Tarrantula
Picture 5 Giant Millipede
Picture 6 Millipede 2
Picture 7 Corn Snake
Picture 8 Corn Snake 2