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Healthy Cooking with Mrs Varty (Spring 13)

This term, as part of our Healthy eating science topic in Buttermere Class, we have been creating our own meals with Mrs Varty. As a starter we made lentil and tomato soup, with cheese scones. 
  • I crushed the garlic by bashing it with a tin of tomatoes (Bethan);
  • I stirred the soup (Keeley);
  • I added the herbs (Ronal);
  • I added the tomatoes (Tomas);
  • I added the lentils (Kyle).
The whole class tasted the soup with the scones. Kieran said it was the nicest thing he had ever tasted! During the second week of cooking we made pasta bakes. We bought the ingredients in Booths on our visit. We made 2 different bakes, a tuna pasta bake and a roasted vegetable bake. 
  • I grated the cheese (Jess);
  • I cut up the vegetables (Matthew);
  • I peeled the turnip (Sophie).

The whole class tasted the bakes and everyone was impressed! Many of the children asked for the recipes to take home and make with their parents - this really impressed Mrs Varty!
Picture 1 Tuna Pasta Bake
Picture 2 The washing up
Picture 3 Serving up
Picture 4 Roasted veg pasta bake
Picture 5 Ready to taste
Picture 6 Putting the mix into a dish ready for the oven
Picture 7 Parsnip cutting lesson
Picture 8 Mixing in the veg
Picture 9 Mashing the veg
Picture 10 Making the pasta sauce
Picture 11 Grating cheese
Picture 12 Grated cheese
Picture 13 Carrot cutting lesson
Picture 14 Boiling the veg
Picture 15 All gone
Picture 16 A sample of food