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Fairtrade (Spring 2013)

As part of our topic this term a lady from Traidcraft - the Fair Trade shop in Carlisle -visited us in school. She showed us lots of items which were sold in the shop. These included a rain stick, a purse, some Fair Trade toilet paper and children's clothes. She told us all about Fair Trade and how farmers are paid a fair price for their food through the co-op. We discussed how certain brands are not being made from Fair Trade chocolate. We also played a game where we had to make items out of paper and sell them. We had to trade to the market and show our items to the banker to sell them. Some countries were richer than others and sometimes resources ran out, which was like real life world trade. We learnt a lot from our visitors and know a lot more about Fair Trade because they shared their knowledge with us. Thank you, Traidcraft!