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Grasmere Resourced Provision

Grasmere Resourced Provision sits in the centre within the centre of school. As an ‘Inclusive School’ it permeates our commitment at North Lakes to ‘Inclusion.’ We are children with ‘Severe and Profound‘ Learning difficulties and  access our learning each morning within the ‘Resourced Provision’.


Registering in a mainstream classroom each morning provides an opportunity to catch up on essential news and make our dinner choices. Working on our individual skills we start the day with essentials such as speech therapy or Makaton, physiotherapy, then access our Numeracy and Literacy tasks throughout the morning.


We enjoy a personalised curriculum which meets our wide ranging needs and it is accessed through individual programmes.

 ‘First Hand’ experiences, accessing our learning practically where we use our environment and a multi-sensory approach makes our learning fun.  We love to take our learning ‘Outdoors!’


We access access ‘Sunbeams’ singing every other week and ‘Riding for the Disabled’ (RDA) when the weather is warmer so this is usually March to October.  During the winter months we attend the library more regularly and sometimes enjoy a juice and snack in a local café. Swimming once a week is a real favourite. We use the local leisure centre and share the pool with another school.  Some of us can swim and also enjoy lessons with our own mainstream classes.


We access mainstream classrooms in the afternoon where lessons are planned to meet our needs, we participate in all aspects of school life including school discos-sometimes we do need our headphones! We take part in ‘First Access’ music where it is appropriate and attend musical events such as the ‘Big Sing’ in Newcastle.  We participate in all ‘Curriculum Enhancement’ days such as the Stone Age Day and visits such as the Science Museum in Newcastle.


Whole school responsibilities are shared within the ‘Resourced Provision’ e.g. buddying, helping serve at the salad bar, and singing leader.


After school clubs are very popular at North Lakes and we can access those which we choose.  We have attended ‘Mine –craft ‘ , gym, multi sports and dance clubs.


The children in mainstream love to come to ‘Grasmere’. Sometimes they come and read with us. Sometimes they come and learn with us. Very often they enjoy participating in our regular music slots with sunbeams.


We welcome all visitors to Grasmere such as the Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Suzie our Speech Therapist.


Some of us have big changes ahead. Two of us will be moving to Secondary schools next September so we are already planning ahead.  When new students join us in ‘Grasmere’ we visit their schools regularly prior to them coming. They visit us during the last term building up to a whole day. Our new students soon settle down.


We are North-Lakers, truly part of our school and our local community!


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