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Y3 Outdoor Day (July 2019)

Over 45 students participated in an action packed adventure day at the beginning of July.  Taking our 5R’s out of the classroom, the children were involved in new adventures - their collaboration skills were certainly put to the test! Our base was Hawse End near Keswick and the children participated in canoeing and rock climbing throughout the day.  All children worked hard on Derwent Water in Canadian canoes, journeying around St Herbet’s island and jumping off a jetty that certainly required some risk taking.  Working as a team to steer the canoe and reach our destinations needed pupils to be resilient and put in extra muscle power to ensure success.


With the wet weather against us, we headed to Keswick Indoor Climbing wall for our rock climbing experience. Everyone climbed to great heights, figured out different routes on the wall and learned knot tying and belaying skills. The children were resourceful and figured out how to traverse on the rock too. They loved the challenge and went back again and again to be successful! Travelling back to Penrith the children reflected on their adventurous day. Many new skills had been experienced and all agreed it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.