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Grasmere Resourced Provision

Hello to all of our parents, carers, siblings, family and friends.  We are so pleased to be back at school and delighted to see each other.


As members of ‘Grasmere’ we all have our own classes. Due to Covid, to keep us safe we have remained in our Grasmere ‘Bubble.’

The week is a little different. At the moment we can’t access our horse riding or swimming.  Instead we are participating in a daily walk.


We focus on a ‘Book’ a week and use it as our theme for learning.  We are accessing the outdoors this term and have called ourselves the ‘Grasmere Ramblers.’  Last week we completed 8 km.  Our walks have included Lowther, Eycott Hill, St  Ninian’s , and various public footpaths. ‘Children in Need’ have a rambling theme this year so we are joining them.  We hope to send in some photographs and film. Our walks are like adventures. We have looked for the ‘Gruffalo’ and his friends, searched for a few ‘Wild Ones’ including an’ Enormous’ Crocodile and joined the ‘Snail and the Whale’ for their adventures. 

Our walks have been fun!


We have taken our stories into numeracy with our matching, counting, adding, subtracting, measuring and investigating ‘Shape.’

Our baking ventures have included, ‘Cheesy snakes’ and ‘Crocodile Nests.’


We have explored Autumn and enjoyed kicking the leaves and looking at habitats. We have met new animals, learned some new facts about them, and new words such as Predator and prey. some of us have been looking further afield at the planets and stars and the Solar system no less! Those of us in year 3 will focus creatively on the Romans, whilst others of us will take a look creatively at aspects of World War 2!!


Our playtimes are still fun and we can access our own games and equipment. We can access the wooden play area.

We know that we have to wash our hands regularly and our tables and chairs are cleaned frequently.  Our usual equipment can be used; it is santised afterwards.


In our own pencil cases we have pens, pencils, scissors, glue sticks and paint brushes.  We love our ‘Singing’ and sing every day. We all join in.


The Grasmere resource area has a ‘garden’ area and we have weeded and planted bulbs ready for the ‘spring.’ When it is warm we enjoy being out here playing, digging and exploring. Sometimes we just like to read.


Don’t forgot to use ‘Frog.’  We will add a few photographs to our timeline and you can add yours! We always want to know what you have been up too!


When we get back to some normality we will hold a social evening and introduce parents, carers and families!


Thank you for sharing your wonderful children!


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