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Elterwater - Y5

Welcome to Elterwater class page. We are a really hard-working and fun class, and have settled into school life with real focus and enthusiasm. Each day we think of what our class stands for.


Enthusiasm - We show enthusiasm and are energetic in our approach to learning.

Learning - We are keen to develop our learning and encourage independence.

Trust - We trust each other and it is a safe place to push our boundaries.

Energetic - We bring energy to the class and keep ourselves fit and healthy in body and mind.

Resilience - We are resilient in our nature and when things are hard, we dig deeper.

Wisdom - We bring wisdom to our learning and share ideas with each other.

Attitude - We listen and concentrate, and show a respectful attitude in class.

Teamwork - We try our best and if we see someone struggling, we help them. We celebrate good leadership.

Engagement - We focus in our lessons and offer ideas and suggestions.

Resourceful - we try to think of new ideas and make links in our learning.


Mrs Jenkinson is our class teacher (covering a maternity leave for Mrs Parkinson) and we are supported by Mrs Todd and Mrs Raine. We also have fantastic music lessons with Mrs Tuffin and are lucky enough to get to play the flute or clarinet. We also work with Mr Hart- our specialist sports coach and there is a lot of emphasis placed on keeping fit and healthy. It is important that we learn about teamwork, resilience and great sporting attitude- many of us in the class get the opportunity to represent the school in sport and this builds brilliant friendships beyond the classroom. Some of us get to work with Mrs Clarke too. All of the staff that work as part of the Elterwater team, aim to make learning fun and rewarding.


It is important that the children have a voice and influence about what we do in our class, and we have two great school councillors- Harrison and Andra. Our shadow councillors are Joseph and Myla. All of these children are inspirational leaders and listen carefully to the needs of the class and other children around school. We have a suggestions box and we love to hear about how we can further improve our fantastic class and amazing school.


Underpinning all of our work, we focus on developing the 5 R’s- relationships, resourcefulness, reflecting, resilience and risk taking. It is important that we push ourselves and try new things. We have a safe space in our classroom, where we are encouraged to have a go - even if it takes us out of our comfort zone. Often, this is where the optimum learning takes place and we discover new talents. Mrs Jenkinson loves it when we give it all we have!


We have a writer of the week and also get rewarded with raffle tickets if we strive for 5 in our reading. We are reading an exciting class book at the moment, which is Cogheart by Peter Bunzl and this underpins a great deal of our learning in Literacy. It also links to our topic on Victorians. We take pride in our work and this is displayed around the classroom, which is bright and stimulating.  Please also take the time to look at our learning overview- there is a link at the bottom of the page.


In our Maths, we are focusing on problem solving and maths mastery. We try really hard to makes links in our learning and look for patterns in number. We are focusing on explaining our methods and articulating our strategies.

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