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Y4 Computing - Micro:bit (Jun 22)

In Computing this term, Year 4 have enjoyed learning all about the Micro:bit, which is a pocket-sized computer that helps us to explore how software and hardware work together. It has an LED light display, buttons, sensors and many input and output features. The children were able to use iPads to create some code and then wirelessly send it to the Micro:bit.


Throughout this topic, the children learnt how to use the Micro:bit in lots of different ways. Firstly, they made the LED lights flash to show their name and also made animations of dancing people and animals show up on the screen. Next, they learnt how to make simple games like rock paper scissors and how to make a score counter to use in our playground games.


The final step for the children was to plan and create their own use for the Micro:bit. Some chose to make a more detailed animation, some chose to make a game and others chose to use it as a clock or a step counter. They carefully planned out the code which would be needed and transferred it to the Micro:bit to try out. If there were any problems, they had to learn how to carefully debug it until it was perfect! It was great to see how creative we could be and the children all worked really hard to find an interesting use for the Micro:bit.