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Y3 Viking Day (March 2022)

Year 3 and 4 were so lucky this term to meet Hrothgar the Viking who travelled all the way from the Early Middle Ages to teach us about his life.


Children were able to handle Viking armour, weapons, tools and homeware. Some even got into hand-to-hand combat with Hrothgar  himself! They were immersed in Norse mythology through drama in which all children were given the opportunity to be involved. They dressed up and acted out the story of Freya, the goddess of love, and her brilliant gold necklace Brisingamen. They also used role-play to learn how Viking funerals took place which was gruesome and fun in equal measure. Outside, Hrothgar showed them how he and his fellow Vikings would light fires to keep warm and cook. Finally, children competed against Hrothgar in a game of Hnefatafl which is similar to chess. What a fabulous way to engage the children in their Viking topic. Thank you Hrothgar!