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Y3 Outdoor Day (June 2018)

Last month Year 3 had a fantastic outdoor experience day. They enjoyed climbing and kayaking on Derwent Water. Children tried their best at all of the activities, challenging themselves to be resilient and take risks. After arriving at the lake, the children had a quick paddling lesson and practised working as a team to get their kayak moving forwards, backwards, round in a clockwise and anti-clockwise circle. They then paddled to St Herbert’s Island to explore: enjoying climbing trees, balancing on broken tree trunks and discovering more about the island was all part of their experience.


Rock climbing used a different skill set. Working as a team to belay and support each other was key to everyone’s safety. The children learned how to push with their legs and look ahead for hand holes.  All of the children overcame new challenges and learned new skills. Well done to Year 3, great ambassadors for NLS.


By Mrs Clark


Y3 Outdoor Day 2018