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Y3 Outdoor Day (June 2017)

In June, 58 Year 3 pupils enjoyed an outdoor day at Hawse End, near Keswick. On arrival at the centre we rafted the boats together and paddled off to St Herbert’s island, with all pupils taking part in a canoeing trip. Prior to our visit, we had shared the story of Beegu, an alien child lost on Earth, and we were eager to get to the island to see if we could find any evidence that Beegu had been there. Sure enough, Beegu had left messages, tied to trees for the children. The pupils soon discovered that life was tricky for Beegu on the island without a family, a home or shelter, enough food, friends to play with and no clean water. The pupils shared a P4C round and agreed that building a shelter on the island was necessary. With a few tarpaulins, string, some pegs, twigs and sticks the pupils constructed a shelter for Beegu. The basic rights of every child from UNICEF was shared and talked about together.


On returning from the island, the children enjoyed being towed back by the speed-boat and really loved the white horses at the side of the canoes. A picnic lunch was then enjoyed by all in glorious sunshine.

In the afternoon all pupils were able to have a go at climbing on a local rock face. The children learned how to put on their harness and enjoyed looking for hand and foot holds to climb up the crag. Learning to trust the rope and sit back down on it to abseil down the rock was challenging, but with some encouragement most of us were able to do it.


All pupils returned to school energised after an action packed day in the outdoors and were eager to share their experience with their fellow class mates. A great day out was shared by all!

By Mrs Smith