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ULL Christmas Update (Dec 2021)

Ullswater class have had a busy Autumn term! We have settled in to life and North Lakes School calmly and quickly. Since September, we have been working hard to follow our routines and our Code of Conduct.  Bethany said, “Joining North Lakes School has been lots of fun. I love coming in to see my friends and teachers!”


Every day, we have been reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We have been working hard on reading with fluency, expression and accuracy. We have learnt new and exciting vocabulary from our book and have tried to use this language in our writing. We have worked hard to write descriptive writing using precise adjectives, powerful verbs, adverbs and similes! We have described the main characters from our class novel and have also written setting descriptions. We have produced journalistic reports and recounts too!


In Maths, we have focused on addition and subtraction. We have learnt how to use the column strategy to solve equations where appropriate - noticing where we can calculate mentally! In fluency we have been developing a deep and visual understanding of the quantity value of each number to 10.


Our afternoons have been action packed as we’ve begun to learn French. We now know  how to greet someone in French and introduce ourselves. We have studied UK cities in Geography and learnt about the Anglo Saxons in History. We visited Penrith Museum to learn more about Anglo Saxons in Cumbria and enjoyed the activities organised by Karen.  Jamie said, “I loved the museum because we got to see lots of artefacts.” We also made broaches during out Art Week. We focussed on making different patterns inspired by Anglo-Saxon art and transferred these skills on to our designs. Elif said, “I enjoyed art because we were crafty and learnt a lot about Anglo Saxons.”


We’ve learned about Forces, Magnets and Light in Science;. Our favourite lesson was when we had to investigate UV light – we had some very creative ideas! In PE we’ve been practising our throwing and catching skills, walking and running miles around our Trim Trail Freddie said, “I have loved running and have been trying to complete the 100 mile challenge.”


In RE we have learnt more about Christianity with a visit to St Andrew’s to learn more about how Christians celebrate Christmas. MaryAnn said, “Our church visit was exciting because we learnt about the Christmas story.”  We have really enjoyed using the Computing Suite and learning how to programme. Poppy said, “I loved Computing because we have been programming on Scratch.”


Ullswater have made a fantastic start tand are looking forward to the Spring term. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication towards homework! It makes a huge difference to our learning in school.