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U Dance (March 2013)

Coniston Class were chosen to represent NLS at this year’s U Dance Festival held at the Sands Centre in Carlisle on the 15th March 2013. This term’s topic has been Tanzania and the children were inspired by the differences between life in Tanzania and life here in the UK, particularly the wildlife and traditions within the tribes - especially the Masai! 

After an introduction to life in Tanzania by watching videos and looking at pictures taken during Miss Hayes, Mrs Clark and Mrs Greenwood's last visit to the area in 2010, the children developed their dance. This explored the movement of much of the exciting wildlife found in Tanzania, the daily routines, responsibilities and challenges faced by the Masai women and men. The dance culminated in a celebration. 

Coniston class have worked tremendously hard over the past few weeks and it all paid off with a brilliant performance. Well done to everyone!