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Stone Age Day (Nov 2016)

This half term, in Years 3 and 4 we enjoyed learning about times in The Stone Age with Rob from The Kingsway Centre. 


We were taught about the value of fire, not just for cooking or warmth, but for protection and communication. We were able to light our own fires using a modern day steel and flint. It was still quite tricky, but much easier than trying to create a spark from rubbing the two sticks together! Tiny dried sticks and lambs’ wool would have been used as kindling in those days. Once the fire was lit, it would have been the job of the women or older males in the group to keep it going. The other younger men would have been out hunting. 


We sampled some specially dried, edible mini beasts and some of us even admitted to enjoying this experience! We were able to explore the hides of some animals that would have been worn as clothing. These garments were worn with the hairy side next to the person's skin for extra warmth - the opposite of how they would be worn today!


It was a great experience to be learn about how The Stone Age people would have lived.   We all enjoyed warming our hands around the fire as it was a bitterly cold afternoon and we finished the session off by toasting marshmallows on the fire.