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Sing Up Day 2018 - Be the Change! (Mar 2018)

The corridors and classrooms throughout North Lakes were filled with the sound of magnificent singing on Wednesday 22nd March as we flew our Platinum flag for Sing Up Day. 


The day began with a special Charanga warm up to get our whole bodies geared up for singing followed by a collection of this term’s favourite songs including ‘Be the Change’, the Sing Up Day anthem by Emily Barden.


From the moment children boarded the school bus until the end of our celebration assembly, our timetable was packed with choruses from our favourite songs – every lesson began with song. Other Sing Up Day activities included singing in the playground and the announcement of our new singing leaders: Karina, Raisa-Bianca, Megan, Kevin, Amelie, Kayden T, Katie W, Connor H, Eleanora, Giorgio, Matthew C, Amy F, Carrie, Tymon and Kacey – Congratulations to you all!


The day concluded with our special Sing Up Celebration where over 30 parents and friends joined us.  The event kicked off with a special ‘Signed’ performance of ‘Be the Change’.  During the event, everyone (including our parents and carers) took part in the warm-ups. Our Sing Up day roof-raisers included ‘Give it all You’ve Got’ and ‘Step it Up!’. Our celebration concluded with a special video recording of ‘Be the Change’, which has been sent off to Sing Up HQ in London to be included in the National Digi-choir. Our recording on the School Facebook page has been viewed by over 1,100 people, here are some of their thoughts:


‘Just amazing as always! A privilege to come and watch and be a part of it all! Well done to everyone’ - Karen Stewart


‘Amazing singing from Everyone , Impeccable behaviour and manners from all pupils , they all looked so smart, we really enjoyed it, pat on the back to all staff and children involved!’ - Holly Wills