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Read for My School Competition (Spring 2013)

Year 5 and 6 have been e-book crazy this term. We have been involved with Read for my School - a very exciting project. 

There are 8 book categories and we have loved the variety of book genres and the books within each category - there has been something for everyone. 

Next term we will be trialing a new e-book package. On World Book Day during reading time we visited Y3/4 and shared our favourite books with the children from these classes. They loved the e-book experience and we hope to share a few more with a reading buddy - this has been really popular! When we have read a book on line, we can then review it! Great!

Shannon Y5 - “My favourite was My Brother's Famous Bottom. It was hilarious!”

Anthea Y6 - “I read 17 books, my very favourite was George Brown Class Clown. The e-books have definitely got me more book hooked.”

Lauren Y5 - “I read 4 books, my very favourite was Cinderella the Real Story. It was so humorous , it had me in stitches.”

Daniel Y6 - “I read 9 books, my favourite was Finlay and the Bogey Man because it was a great story. I would recommend it to anyone!!”