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North Lakes Songbank

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01 RND Entertain

02 RND Entertain Backing


Three Lions Backing Track

Shine - BT

Wait till tomorrow

I once saw an elephant - BT

I can see clearly now - BT

Cluck Old Hen backing

5 - Aint no mountain high enough - BT

Today - BT

Harvest Samba BT

Good to be me - BT

Consider Yourself - BT

Spirit of Christmas - BT

Living and learning - BT

Proud - BT

Give it all youv'e got - BT

STRICTLY Come Singing!

Sing a SAMBA

Sing a RUMBA

Sing a CHA CHA

In the Zone

Funky Wake Up Warm Up

Sun Arise - BT

Cluck Old Hen - BT