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National Sing Up Day - Strictly Come Singing! (Feb 2010)

On February 24th, the singing ambassadors of North Lakes prepared themselves for a busy, festive day! The talented pupils lined up, ensuring they were wearing their special, purple Sing-Up t-shirts. Everyone was confidently practicing the three very tricky songs we had prepared: The Cheery Samba, The Deep Rumba and The Bouncy Cha Cha. When sung in perfect time, the sound was absolutely legendary.
Tensions rising swiftly, the excited children curiously inspected the small rows of pop star styled Otis competition entries! Some kids were disappointed, others overjoyed! Nervously, the winners stumbled to the front, accepting a small bag of Sing-Up goodies.
Due to the fact that our school practices so much, they were awarded a Platinum Sing-Up award! All that hard work really paid off. However this was just the beginning of this school’s never ending success. Before long an article appeared in a national newspaper, The Guardian! Mr. Soulsby - the head of the choir - had an exclusive interview with a professional journalist.
Resilience was the key. Each student practiced very hard. In addition, one of the winning Otis competition winners, the fantastic Jedward, was signed by the famous pop stars - the real John and Edward! I think we can all agree that everyone, from fantastic teachers to confident pupils, all had a super, superb day. North Lakes School has been congratulated frequently. However, the people who we should congratulate the most are the extremely dedicated teachers, including Mr. Soulsby!
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By Florence, Year 6, Elterwater

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