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Liz Million Illustrator Visit @ Penrith Library (Nov 2017)

On Thursday 9th November a selection of 30 Year 5 & 6 artists went to Penrith Library to meet the popular illustrator Liz Million, who has illustrated books like Not-so-Silly Sausage, Digger and Little Fred Riding Hood. We set off from school with Mrs Greenwood and some very kind adult helpers at 10am to the library.


As soon as we got there, it was clear that this was going to be a very fun morning! Liz introduced herself and gave us a small taster to what kind of work she does. She was very friendly and you could tell she was a passionate artist who specialised in young children. She gave us some examples of Reception drawings; she even showed us some of hers from when she was little, and this made us all giggle (She even pointed out the features like eyelashes and triangular dresses!). Next Liz let us make the very hard decision of what animal to draw; in the end, we decided on a chimp riding a snowboard. The second she finished, she handed out pencils, books, and a piece of paper with a bean on it and guided us through the steps to change it into a skateboarding rhino, and showed us how to make it do other activities.


Sadly, we then had to say goodbye and go back to school where we had our drawings photocopied and we painted them with watercolour, which was very enjoyable. It was a fantastic experience and everyone who went has gone home with new skills in their pocket. Thank you to all the helpers from school, the library and of course to Liz for making the morning as great as it was.