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Kids who Read Succeed: Y5&6 Visit Penrith Library (Oct 2017)

In October, Years 5 and 6 went to Penrith library to learn more about the library which meant using an index to show us how to find a similar book to one we had already read or had enjoyed the most. There was also a website that could do the same as the index. The index was in alphabetical order and they showed us how to find some examples of our favourite books or authors. After we had taken in all this interesting information the class was split into two different groups - one group learned more facts,  meanwhile the other group were busy trying to find certain type of book or a specific book.  Very few people found all of the books!  I was actually surprised that anyone got them all  - the reason was that there were a lot of books and there was so little time to find all of them.


Meanwhile the other group were doing the challenge: if you didn’t already have a library card you were given one so nobody felt left out we all got our  books later on. After we had all been given a library card we all got two books each; either both non-fiction or one fiction and one non-fiction.  Both the books and the library card were stored inside our embroidered bag with the name of the website where we look for our favourite books.


Thank you to Penrith Library for having us - we look forward to our next visit!