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Instrumental Lessons with Miss Jarman-Pinto (Summer 2014)

Instrumental lessons have come to an end for the summer. Guitar students have worked on creating songs and backing tracks using  unusual sounds; rhythm games; chords and changing between different chords; and learning 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley. All of the students have improved greatly over the past year and I've thoroughly enjoyed working with them!

Violin students have made significant progress, from learning how to use the bow to playing scales and reading music. We've learned 'Mary Had a Little Lamb', and they have also written their own song. They have been a fantastic group to work with!

Last but not least, singers! Singers began the year by learning the round, 'Kookaburra'. At first they found doing the round difficult, but in our last lesson, we sang it in four parts, each singer on their own! They created an arrangement of a song that was used as inspiration in the Transition Choir, as well as arranging 'Three Little Birds' and learning how to sing harmonies.

Well done to all the instrumental students this year!

Have a wonderful summer and make sure to enjoy your playing!
Miss Jarman-Pinto