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Gymnastics at Penrith Leisure Centre (Oct 2017)

This term Buttermere class have taken part in weekly Gymnastics sessions at the Leisure centre with Ina and Shannon.  At the start of each session we make sure we warm up our bodies and stretch every muscle ready for exercise. Holly and Ellie-Mae have been Gym leaders in our class helping Shannon during the stretches.


We have been working on a range of gymnastics skills including forwards and backwards rolls, cartwheels, bridges, shoulder stands and handstands.  We have all enjoyed using the air mat - a massive inflatable mat (a bit like a trampoline). Practising our moves on the mat gives us confidence because if we fall we know we are safe.


‘The sessions made me want to learn more gymnastics, it was really fun’ - Andreea

‘These sessions helped us to keep fit and encouraged me to go to gymnastics on a weekend’ - Noah

‘I really enjoyed the sessions even though I found a backwards roll tricky’ - Verity