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GRA Spring Update (April 2022)

How has this term gone so fast?!  We have continued to work hard this term.  Grasmere love their books! We usually work on a thematic book and change them each week. Each student also works upon their own year group curriculum accessing it where they can.


We looked the ‘Big Bird Watch,’ surveying our school field and trees for birds. We saw seagulls, blackbirds and a robin. During that week we made bird food which we hung from our trees. We know that birds can find it difficult to find food to eat and water to drink. The book we enjoyed was ‘Go Away Bird.’


During ‘World Book Week’ we focused upon ‘An Elephant Can’t Catch a Bus.’  Each of us focused upon a different animal and we wrote our own books. We made a funfair from junk as most of our animals enjoyed the ‘Helter Skelter’,  the ‘Merry Go Round or the ‘Big Dipper!’  We made rhyming words. We loved our 3D construction.


Our year 5 and 6 are studying the ‘Ancient Greeks.’  In Grasmere we read and listened to King Midas. There was a great deal of work with ‘gold’ that week and we learned some good Makaton signs.


We particularly enjoyed Valentines, a ‘Guess How Much I love you?’ week and we have enjoyed ‘Smile Crocodile.’ We focused on our teeth and healthy eating.


Baking is something we enjoy every Tuesday. We each invite a buddy from our class to bake with us. We have to take turns, taste and feel, mix and pour, measure and weigh. We have made bread, pizza, biscuits and cakes. We love to visit our mainstream classes when we can; this is usually on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the afternoon.


We continue to swim each Tuesday and love to go for walks.  We like to look for seasonal changes.


Horse Riding (RDA) is something that we enjoy.  It started again after half term. Volunteers from RDA work at Rookin House and Rookin House have lent their horses to RDA. We ride 4 different horses, these include Bluebell, Archilles and Sam.  Riding in an indoor Arena means that we can every week; whatever the weather.


On March 22nd we participated in the Panathlon Festival. It was inclusive of everyone. We had to throw, match colours, take turns, cheer on other people, clap and generally enjoy ourselves.  We all received tee-shirts, a medal and a certificate. We were so pleased that we were able to participate.