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Food Fit for a Roman (Summer 2017)

“I thought the banquet was fun because we got to make Roman food with ingredients that I have never tried before.” – Poppy, Y4


Although we did not have peacocks’ tongues or dormouse stew, we did feast upon a number of Roman inspired delicacies.  While Y3 were out enjoying their outdoor day, Year Four were following a variety of recipes, creating dishes and eating like Romans.  The children used all their senses to experience a range of different flavours and textures.  For starters (gustatio), we tried homemade Roman bread with onions and rosemary, and green and black olives.  Some children thoroughly enjoyed the olives, whereas others would happily never see one again!  For the main course (mensae primae), we sampled Romaine Salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a drizzle of lemon juice and for dessert (mensae secundae), we had apple cake and honey cake.  All the children showed an open-minded approach to sampling new flavours and were very grown-up about the things they did not like.


“My favourite food was the apple cake because I had never tried it before but I really liked it!” – Seth, Y4.

“I did not like the olives, but I did like Miss Cheesebrough’s bread because I liked the onions and the rosemary.” – Amelia, Y4.