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Extra Maths with UCC (Spring 2018)

A group of Year 6 pupils were selected to take part in extra maths sessions with Mr Howarth from Ullswater Community College (UCC).  Every Tuesday, Mr Howarth visits the school and walks us through fun maths activities.


We are about half way through Mr Howarth’s tuition and we have learnt several different maths skills since we started, including percentages, fractions and mental maths recaps weekly.  As a group we also find ways to persuade him to play his educational but surprisingly fun activities.  One of our favourites is known as ‘Pointless’ and so far we have managed to play this game every week.  Other games we play are called ‘The Ladder Game’ and a maths puzzle, which come with a respectable amount of enjoyment too.

By Matthew and Charlotte , Y6