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ELT Wheelchair Basketball (May 2022)

It was a delight to welcome Nat Pattinson, Carlisle based world champion wheelchair basketball player, and team back to North Lakes for a fun day when the Year 4, 5 and 6 children had the opportunity to experience this fantastic sport. The weather was a little mixed and so some sessions took place inside and some outside. Gaining control of the chair was the biggest challenge but it didn’t take children long to learn how to spin, surge ahead whilst holding on the basketball, intercept a ball and shoot.


We were delighted to welcome back to school Matthew and Toby Smedley who are both Wheelchair Basketball players. Both boys attended North Lakes School not so many years ago and have since gone on to play this sport at club level. Matthew plays for Mohawks in Division 3. Having been unbeaten all season they were crowned Champions of the North and played in the National Championships in London. Winning further games they became British National Champions. Well done Matthew and Mohawks team, we are so proud of you; it is always a great pleasure to invite National Champions back to North Lakes School.