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D&T Workshops @ QEGS (Summer 13)

As part of our Robots topic, Mr Oliver from QEGS compiled a program to suit our Y3/4 children, covering the development of technology (bulbs to light bulbs), designing a template using ICT, using an automated router and sticker machine to design and create their own personal key ring. 

Year 3/4 visited QEGS in 6 groups of 15 to see the machines at work and to explore your DT workshop for themselves. Mr Oliver even gave up 6 hours of his own lunchtimes to carry out the workshop sessions!

We all thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, learning a lot from Mr Oliver's experience and then proudly showing off our personally designed key rings back at North Lakes.

The workshops have added to our topic, helping us all to experience first hand just how valuable automated machines can be in real life. 

QEGS D&T workshops Coniston (Summer 2013