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Cumbria Museum of Military Life Visit (Oct 2018)

The Autumn Term has been a very exciting time for Year 5 and 6; they have been learning all about The Great War and exploring what life was like 100 years ago. Our World War 1 topic has raised many questions about: what was life like in the trenches; why did the English and Germans stop fighting on Christmas Day 1914; what was it like during The Battle of the Somme; and which weapons did they use during the war?


Visiting Cumbria’s Museum of Military Life, at Carlisle Castle, helped contextualise our learning and allowed us to learn all about why WW1 started and why men joined the army. We had an opportunity to handle WW1 items, the original kit and uniform and even hold a Lee Enfield rifle! The children had an in depth discussion about life as a solider before having a look around the Military Museum and searching for hidden artefacts.