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CRU Spring Update (April 2022)

Crummock Water have continued working hard in all subjects this term and have shown a pleasing determination and  commitment to learning. We found out all about the famous engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and then researched different types of bridges before designing, constructing and evaluating our own. This required teamwork and resilience and was lots of fun. We linked our first writing topic to this and worked incredibly hard to write a biography all about Brunel and practiced our research and note-taking skills to enable us to add plenty of factual details.


Our Science work has been focused on evolution, adaptation and inheritance and we have found it extremely interesting to understand how animals are adapted to best survive in their habitats and how species have changed over time due to natural selection and “survival of the fittest”. We could not possibly learn about this without thinking of the wonderful scientist, Charles Darwin, and we enjoyed carrying out an investigation based around the beaks of Darwin’s finches.


We have travelled back in time to Ancient Greece, learning about their lifestyle, democracy and landscape. We found out that there were two famous city-states – Athens and Sparta – and we thought about how life in each was very different. We thought about which city-state we would have preferred to live in.


Linking to our Ancient Greece studies, we have all been thoroughly entertained reading our class novel, Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans. It is an exciting and hilarious adventure story which has made us laugh out loud on many occasions. We have developed our reading fluency and the skills of retrieving, inferring and explaining information from the book. We have also read a variety of Greek Myths and have then planned and written our own versions to show off our ever-improving writing skills.


We have continued to enjoy our PE sessions with Mr Hart, with a focus this term on hockey and rugby. We have also kept ourselves fit with sessions on the Trim Trail, adding to our individual miles count. We have been pleased to see Mrs Tuffin back in school and adore our regular music sessions using the boomwhackers and glockenspiels.


In Computing with Mr Soulsby, we have explore online reputations and online bullying as well as Cryptography


We are all looking forward to an action-packed Summer Term full of fun,  learning and friendships.