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CON Summer Update (July 2021)

Coniston have been adventuring in the Amazon Rainforest this term. We have been reading an exciting adventure story called “The Explorer” by Katherine Rendell, about four children surviving in the Amazonian Rainforest- it has been an inspiration for discovering the hugely diverse habitat and creating it in paper! The homework depicting the three layers has been fantastic and adorns the classroom. We have researched deforestation and written persuasive letters to minimise the use of palm oil and reduce forest burning for cattle ranches. We have recently been journalists and written an article about the children in the novel’s survival and escape experiences. Linked to this topic, is our History research on the Mayans. We have been archaeological detectives, trying to work out what the remains tell us and have tried out a ball game called “Pok a tok”, which uses no hands or feet-super tricky.  We have discussed some mind bending questions, like: do wild animals have more freedom than us? We have also thought hard about how writers craft a superb story, by threading hints and clues about their characters.


In Science, we have loved investigating electrical circuits – and have learned about how components work and become more aware of the dangers electricity can cause. If you have the privilege to watch Y4 with a set of components, they tend to smile and become completely focused!


During the Summer Term, Coniston has taken advantage of some extra funding and Mrs Wild has been able to take small maths, English and reading fluency groups. She says it has been a treat to work with such dynamic and caring children! Furthermore, she has enjoyed a warm welcome working alongside Mrs Jenkinson and Mrs Todd also learning the class routines.


Coniston have now experienced some of the athletics learned by junior children – as last Summer Term was lockdown. They have been brilliant at “having a go” with the Javelin and Shot Put. For any adult visualising a sharp, lethal javelin – rest assured there are child friendly versions! Also, they attended their first Football Tournament…very exciting, especially when they got through to the final! Fantastic team spirited children- hard work, resilience and fun.


Finally, the Y4 have maturely received the news about their new Y5 and 6 classes. Exciting, and hopefully more “normal” experiences ahead, as Coniston progress to be wonderful Y5’s.


By Mrs Wild