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CON Spring Update (April 2022)

Coniston have slickly negotiated exciting changes during the Spring Term! They have always been “Mrs Jenkinson’s class” but initially, whilst she was poorly, they worked with Mrs Wild. With Mrs Jenkinson’s brilliant recovery, she has returned to teaching and a transition occurred smoothly over the half term. Also, two super new children have settled into the class team, adding their enthusiasm and  humour!


It is great that swimming was back this term. To walk down to the Leisure Centre for the first time, to learn to swim or improve your style and stamina has been wonderful. Fantastic progress has been made and for the learners, confidence and skills quickly developed.


Beowulf, the oldest English story, has been the text studied throughout Y3 and 4. The Michael Morpurgo version is gripping, full of action, detailed description, kennings and alliteration. It also gives a huge insight into the Saxon/Viking way of life. In English, Coniston set off on Non-Chronological Report Writing and became experts on Mead-Halls and Viking Ships. They then created a report on a “mythical” creature of their choosing.  The diversity of animal reflected the children: from grisly flesh-eating carnivores to  enchanting, gentle vegetarians! Currently, having studied how the experts write a “Quest” – the children are writing their own.


 Viking Long Boats took over the classroom for the DT week! It was decided that corrugated card is hard to cut, PVA glue takes a while to dry (and makes a fun layer of pretend skin on your hand) and needs a temporary “hold it together whilst it dries” solution – but the end structure was well worth the effort. Once the shields, removable prows, sails and oars were made, the Viking Ships were a fleet to set fear into any coast dwelling village!


Hrothgar, the Viking Man, made a MASSIVE impact! From the raid into the classroom with the thunderingly loud horn, to the shelter filled with skins and authentic equipment in the hall, it was a memorable day. He demonstrated battle techniques and many children were involved in costume wearing as re-enactments of burials, myths and everyday life enfolded.


March saw the Cumbria Maths Sumdog competition and Coniston were delighted to finish in 3rd place in Cumbria. This was a fantastic achievement and demonstrated our great team work.


 Investigating Sound in science has been fascinating and a trifle noisy as “what is sound?” pitch, volume and what sound travels through have been explored! Coniston have become great at working out patterns and deducing conclusions. We are very lucky to have Mrs Collins who comes in regularly to hear us read and help us in the classroom. She is a wonderful volunteer and we are very grateful for the time and support she gives us.