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CON Gymnastics (Jun 22)

Year 4 have been very excited to get to work with specialist gymnastic coaches down at Penrith Leisure Centre this term. This has been a privileged opportunity for the children to use  specialist gymnastic equipment such as beams, the vault, springboards, the inflatable tumbling track and trampolines. We have also covered floor work and focused on balance, jumping and     developing our flexibility and core muscles. At times we did solo performances and at other times we worked in pairs to perform to the rest of the class. We evaluated the skills, development and  performances of each other and made constructive points for  improvement. The sessions usually ended with a fun game and gave us an opportunity to warm down and put our skills into practice.


Maddison in Coniston class said, “It was really great fun and I enjoyed trying out all the new apparatus that we couldn’t have used back at school. It was brilliant because it was exciting”


Coniston class enjoyed the gymnastics sessions and  benefitted from the coach’s expertise. By the end of the sessions, both the teachers and the coaches could see  significant improvements in our work and were proud of how hard we worked.