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Choir 2011-2012

The annual Penrith Schools’ Music Association Carol Festival at St Andrews Church was certainly one not to be missed this year with another ‘outstanding’ performance by the Christmas Choir, who have worked so hard through most of their lunchtimes and at home over the past month. 
This year’s carol ‘Intonent Hodie’ was once again written by Jilly Jarman. The children were a credit to the school and performed beautifully alongside the other schools taking part. To hear the choir’s carol, visit the school website:
Everyone has been very complimentary about our choir, as shown by one of the many comments on the school website;
“Thank you for a magical start to Christmas.
The Carol Festival was a charming event made extra
special by North Lakes Choir. A stunning performance
of an amazing carol! A first class performance’

titanic solo

women and children

eternal father

titanic - they built all

titanic - it was a wonderfu

titan - the ship glided no

titan - the ship glided dow

titan - it was a without vo

then mother dressed me

that was the last

lower the boats

come quick danger2

come quick danger

Bare Necessities