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CHAKULA (Spring 2011)

Chakula is Swahili for a celebration feast
Food, Farming and Tanzania have been the ingredients of our learning this spring. With Story Tree, we learned about how to share and tell stories about Tanzania. We found out many Tanzanian children help with their family food plots. Uru school grows its own maize for school dinners.
We wanted to learn about our local foods so we have been going out into our community. Groups have gone to Little Salkeld Watermill (wheat, flour and bread), Cranston’s Foodhall (fresh meat and fish preparation), Stainton Farm (caring for livestock and preparing food), Abbott Lodge Farm (dairy products) and some pupils visited Mr. and Mrs. Knox’s working allotment to see how you can grow your own food. While we were there we planted seeds ready for the summer crop - it’s astonishing what is out there. We found lots of interesting places and facts, met skilled and informative people and certainly got to Deekabout! ‘Thank you’ to Mrs. Rainsley and Miss Hayes for organising this exciting visit.