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Carlisle Wetlands Visit (Sept 2012)

During this term Year 3/4 have been studying mini beasts in our Other Worlds topic. We visited a Wetlands habitat at Aglionby near Carlisle, to investigate mini beasts that live in a wetlands habitat.

We took part in several activities during the day, including pond dipping, a brass rubbings trail, a nature walk and making dragonfly magnets.

The pond dipping was very exciting. We had to use nets in our groups and dip into the pond, placing the contents of the net into a tray so we could identify them. We caught many stickle backs and water boatmen.

During the brass rubbing trail we explored the environment, using wax crayons to collect all of the rubbings. Along our nature walk we collected many samples of grass and plants to stick to our piece of card to mark our journey. The finished pieces looked bright and vibrant.

Finally, the dragonfly magnets were a bit tricky - but we kept dry in the wooden classroom while we made them. The day out helped us to look at a wetland environment and experience it for ourselves.