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Bubble B Summer Update (Jul 2021)

What an amazing Summer term we have had in Buttermere and Ullswater Classes! We all felt so excited to get back to school to see our friends and get going with some exciting learning. We focused on learning about helping our planet during our Eco Fortnight! We became budding biodiversity-biologists! We learnt all about the most precious mini-beasts our world has to offer - BEES! We discovered how important they are to our environment and ecosystem. We learnt that, as species, they are at risk and that we need to protect them. We made our school environment more bee-friendly; planting bee friendly plants and making bee hotels. We had fun tasting different honey too!


We have also been creative across the curriculum- making and exploding our own volcanoes linking with our Geography topic! In History, we studied the Stone Age; we were enthralled by every single chapter of Stig of the Dump and enjoyed a good laugh at parts too! We designed our own St one Age people using collage materials, copied stone-age cave painting and made our own Stone Age tools! Other exciting events have been designing and making our own Stone Age muesli (delicious AND healthy!!) and   of course time travelling back over 10,000 years to the Stone Age to spend the day understanding what it would have been like to live in the Stone Age times. Our Science work linked to the Stone Age as we explored different rock types, learning about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary and making our own rocks too.


Our teachers have been proud of how we have resilient been in our Maths learning. Over the course of the term, we have had a real focus on our fluency, working with enthusiasm on TTRS; improving our status and using Sumdog to revisit topics previous learning. We have

explored division and fractions which we thoroughly enjoyed.


In our writing we have created character descriptions and put these into our own mystery stories. We found some artefacts in the school nature area that inspired our stories; the remains of a fire, some glass jars and an old skull just like Barney in Stig of the Dump.  We wondered just what had been happening in our own school grounds overnight? Then we found an old key with a mysterious message, this gave us a story idea too. We have also written some fantastic letters to persuade local supermarkets to reduce single use plastic.


Keeping fit and active is a top priority for us all in Year 3. We have continued to accumulate our miles with many of us reaching a 100 now. Will and Archie have been lucky draw winners for the £20 Sports Direct vouchers, and we

wonder if it will be another Year 3 student at the end of this Summer Term? Boogie Bounce, Dance with Razzamatazz and Tri Golf with Penrith Club were all top days which we enjoyed very much and then we prepared for our very first Sports Day at North Lakes School and we all enjoyed taking part in qualifying.


We have had an amazing, jam-packed  Summer term- we’ve worked so hard on our learning using the Secrets of Success to prepare us for our Year 4 journey. Mrs Clark, Mrs Cookson and Mrs Greenwood are so proud of the mature, kind and friendly members of the school we have become and they will miss us very much!


By Bubble B Staff