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Bread Making with Sainsbury's (March 2016)

This term, Year 5&6 have been visited by Sainsbury's who have led bread making sessions as part of our DT topic. We all enjoyed our ‘hands on’ workshops, led by Alison, Stuart and Sean. They shared many of the bread products from the shop with us then led us through a workshop. They modelled how to make a basic recipe using flour, yeast, warm water and rapeseed oil.


Then it was our turn! In groups we mixed the ingredients, then took turns to knead the dough. This step was very important as it developed the gluten creating a good texture in the finished bread. After kneading, the dough was left to prove for an hour then ‘knocked down’ (the air was bashed out of it). Finally we all shaped out dough ready for the oven, adding sesame and poppy seeds to our finished designs. We all enjoyed our workshop and have shared the simple recipes at home to try again.   

By Mrs Clark