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Booths Visit (Spring 2013)

As part of our Fair Trade project some children in Year 3/4 visited Booths. We spoke to Linda about Fair Trade which ensures that farmers get a fair price for their crops. We tasted some FairTrade chocolate, Divine chocolate and Green & Blacks. Some of them had unusual flavours - for example milk chocolate and sea salt, maya gold and chilli. The children tasted all of the chocolate, but they preferred the plain dark chocolate. 
Then we had a tour of the shop. Linda pointed out all of the local products, we hunted for Fair Trade items and tasted some local cheese and Cumberland sausage. We also looked at the huge variety of fresh fruit that Booths sells. We had a fantastic time at Booths and learnt a lot about Fair Trade and local businesses. Thankyou, Booths!
Picture 1 Tasting local cheeses
Picture 2 Sooo many cheeses!
Picture 3 Salmon
Picture 4 Potatoes!
Picture 5 Mmmm vegies
Picture 6 Fish
Picture 7 First Fairtrade Coffee
Picture 8 Delicious
Picture 9 Dairy
Picture 10 Booths
Picture 11 Booths
Picture 12 Booths
Picture 13 Booths
Picture 14 Booths