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Be a Defender, Not a Bystander (Nov 2012)

North Lakes School marked Anti-Bullying Week with a series of assemblies in November. This is because we are all determined that North Lakes will be and will remain a Bully Free Zone. We learned that there are four steps to stopping bullying. We need to:
• Recognise it
• Take Responsibility
• React positively
• Report it

In a special assembly, where we were joined by many parents, many children bought and proudly wore their Anti-Bullying wristbands which state that bullying is NOT acceptable. 

Each class presented their own ideas on stopping bullying and we learned that there are many ways we can react positively should we meet bullying. We can:
• Walk away
• Support the victim
• Talk the bully down
• “Scoop up” the victim
• AND REMEMBER that we must always report it.