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BBC Radio 2 500 Words (Spring 2015)

500 WORDS IS BACK. Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, Sam Smith, Tom Daley, David Attenborough, Gary Lineker, Paloma Faith, Jim Carrey & Barney Harwood have a HUGE announcement for you.



Take a look at what our talented young winners were awarded live at Hay Festival on Friday 30 May 2014...

There were two age groups in the 500 WORDS 2014 competition - one for children aged 10-13, and another for children aged 9 and under.

There were GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE prizes up for grabs in each age group - see what they won below, and listen to readings of the winning stories here

  • 1st Prize - Chris Evans' height in books!  The GOLD winners in each age group won a pile of books as tall as Chris - that's 1.88 metres! - and 500 books for their school library.
  • 2nd Prize - Alex Jones' height in books!  The SILVER winners won a stack of books as tall as Chris' good friend, Alex Jones from The One Show!
  • 3rd Prize - Your own height in books!  Our BRONZE winners walked away with their own height in books!