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ZooLab Attendance Prize (June 2016)

Ullswater class were able to visit a Zoolab session at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School this term, as a reward for their great attendance. The pupils enjoyed touching, holding many different animals and learning unusual facts about them.


The pupils have written letters to Mrs Bent, to thank her for organising this great event. Emily S wrote: “The frog wasn’t slimy like I thought it would’ve been and the cockroach wasn’t that bad after all.”

Logan H commented: “The animal that made me cringe the most was the tarantula. I just thought it would jump out at me and lift its hairs. I also remember how many knees it has – 48!”

Sam R said: “I really enjoyed holding the fire salamander. It tickled a lot, but it still was fun holding it.”

A great time was had by all pupils and many overcame their fears of some animals and insects. It’s an experience we won’t forget!


CLASSIFYING ANIMALS - As part of our science work this term, Year 3 and 4 have been learning to sort and classify animals and insects.  The pupils had over 50 insects and bugs to sort. It was good fun to decide on the criteria and design our own flow charts which sorted them. The tricky part was then finding the precise name for the many insects!                                      


Mrs Smith