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Year 3&4 Coniston Water

Hello from Coniston, a class of Year 3 and 4 pupils who enjoy learning! We have had a successful start to the new school year; already our classroom is looking bright and exciting. Our class teacher is Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Sewell teaching us every Tuesday afternoon.  Mrs Evans, Miss Holmes and Mrs Raine will be around our classroom helping us and supporting us in our learning.


Throughout the year, we will be developing skills to become lifelong, powerful learners. We will be using the Secrets of Success (SoS) to guide us as well as the 5 B’s – a strategy we use when we become stuck in our learning to encourage our independence. Brain – Board – Book- Buddy –Boss!


We will work hard in our learning to develop the 5Rs -Relationships, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflecting and Risk taking.  All skills are important ingredients to success in our learning at North Lakes School.


We are enquirers too, Philosophising and constantly asking questions about many aspects of our learning and life.  There is never a quiet moment in our classroom! 

We will also be sharing our learning on our online platform site FROG – watch out for our proud pieces and points of interest on our timeline.


To complement our learning at school we have a homework schedule to keep ourselves organised.  Most homework assignments will be sent home via FROG and we have one week to compete the tasks before teachers mark work and we receive feedback.


Sumdog and TTRS are fun ways to keep our maths skills sharp. In Maths lessons, we are developing a mastery approach in our learning, promoting enquiring minds to gain a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. We work in separate year groups for our daily Maths lesson. The Year 3 will work with Mrs Greenwood and Year 4 with Mrs Pincombe.

When we are writers, we study and model great writing techniques from many famous and popular authors. We look forward to sharing our work on FROG in the ‘proud pieces’ section.


In Coniston we say, Kids who Read Succeed! As well as our whole class text we are expected to read individual books most nights. We STRIVE FOR 5 each week as we know regular reading is so important.


We are looking forward to the year ahead in Coniston class, we will work together to create a great learning atmosphere. Our class councillors, Theodore and Sammy along with our shadow councillors, Maryann and George will be working as hard as they can to help make life at North Lakes a fun yet challenging experience where we can all succeed.


Updated: Dec 2022

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Remember to visit Frog every week and Sumdog or TTRS each day to keep your English and Maths skills sharp!  You can also visit ClickView