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Y6 Basic First Aid - PSHCE (Jul 22)

In CPR in Y6 we learnt that it’s a very serious matter and that people can die under three minutes.  We used dummies to learn how to do CPR safely and properly. We soon realised that if the Dummy made a clicking sound then that meant that we were doing CPR properly and safely!


We also learned about chocking.  Choking is very serious too so we learnt how to help someone if they are choking you ask if they are ok or if they are choking. If they are not ok then  then, smack their back hard with your palm… then if that doesn't  work then ask them to open their mouth then if something is in their mouth ask them to get it out with their fingers then if its not then use you'll will need to do your tummy thrusts (abdominal thrusts) five times.  If that doesn't work then call 911 or 112.